How I Felt when my Hero got Sick?

It was a Friday afternoon, my dad came back from work and he looked very tired. I tried to cheer him up by saying sallam. He replied with a smiley face.


On the next day, he couldn’t wake up in the morning. I didn’t see any happy faces that morning. I was curious to know what was wrong. My dad looked very pale. My mom said, “Dad is unwell, please let him rest.”


Me and my little brother got dressed in our new Christmas jumpers to go to school, super excited for the Christmas dinner. Then I heard my dad calling me to the room and whispered to me, ‘Please don’t go to school because we have to isolate in the house.’ I was heartbroken because I really didn’t want to miss all the fun.


But then I heard the worst news in my life that my dad had been affected with ‘CORONAVIRUS’. I said Nooooo!!!


Tears rolled onto my cheeks. I pleaded to Allah, please make my dad feel better. Days were terrible for the next two weeks. My mom was extremely exhausted and hurt. So, many friends sent us food and prayers.


Finally, after so much hardship, suffering and loneliness, my dad started recovering. Alhamdulillah… I was very happy. May Allah bless my hero always!


Aaqil Shameer.

Year 1.