Naadhira's Ramadan To Do List

If the sky is clear, I will go with daddy to view the Ramadan moon :

Last year, we weren’t lucky hopefully this year we are. When the first sliver of the crescent moon is sighted, that means Ramadan has begun.

I will reserve a space at home and that’s going to be my dua and prayer space. This is a no go place to anyone at home BEWARE:

I usually get distracted when I pray and forget to ask what I want from Allah swt. I think a quiet space will help.

I will make a reward chart and try my best to achieve all the set goals in it:

Here are a few of my goals: helping mummy around the house, reciting the Quran and tidying up.

Try to fast on all non-school days:

Last year, I manged to fast for a few days. It was quite challenging but I did it. This Ramadan, I will try my best to fast when I am not in school.

I am going to make my rewards from the reward chart to be used for charity:

Last year I was able to fast for a few days and it was not easy. However, I knew there was food for me waiting end of the day. But there are so many people who don’t, so I want to do something that might help a few people. So, my plan is if I achieve all my rewards from the chart, Mummy and Daddy need to purchase some food items that I can give to our local food bank. Inshallah, I really do hope to get loads of rewards so I can donate a lot of food.


As there is bounty of blessings to be collected on the month of Ramadan, I am hoping to recite 1 page of the Quran after each prayer.

Night prayers:

Last year, it was really hard to be awake that late. So this year, I will try to perform the night prayer if not at least be up and recite and keep on making dua. but my main focus is to achieve this on the last 10 days.

Watch only Islamic videos:

It will be very hard if I couldn’t watch at all. So, I have come up with an agreement with mum. This Ramadan I will watch only Islamic videos. I have watched a few Prophet stories and I really enjoyed them. So inshallah, this will be definitely on my watch list this Ramadan.

Art and crafts

I love working on art and crafts. It amazes me how a few sheets of paper or scrap ends can become something beautiful. This Ramadan, my art and craft project will be the Eid Project; I will be making decorations to decorate the house on Eid.

Secret Fathima

Do you want to know what secret Fathima is? It is a tradition in our house. 2 weeks before Eid We write the names of each family member and draw lots. We should not tell anyone who we got. We need to keep it as a secret and make or write something for them and give it on Eid day. It is so much fun and it’s also an opportunity to show one another how much they are loved and cared for.

Eid Gift list

I will write a list of gifts for Mum and Dad to choose what I would like for Eid. Also, I will be asking them to buy an extra gift so I could send it to a child in Sri Lanka. Then she can have a smile on her face on Eid day when I open my Gifts on Eid day too.

Why not you make your own Ramadan List to get the best out of this blessed Month? 

By Naadhira Rushdy