I'm a Super Hero!

One beautiful morning, when I was playing outside with my friends at school, I saw the teachers were having a big discussion. It wasn’t an ordinary meeting. It looked a bit fishy to me. After the break time, every one of us was impatient to know what this hustle and bustle going on around the school was. Mrs Jones came into the classroom and said, “Children, I have an important announcement. We’ll be closing school due to this unexpected pandemic situation. You all will have to stay home safe until the national lockdown ends.”


Everyone started staring at each other. There were so many things going on in my head. What is a pandemic? What is it going to do for us? What is a national lockdown? As I drowned in my thoughts, I heard the bell ringing… it was home time! I ran outside to my mum with a puzzled look on my face. Mum explained things clearly on our way back home.


However, this was a new experience. I enjoyed being at home with my family.


Every day was an exciting day! We all could sit together for our meals as Dad was at home too! We watched movies, played games and, of course, I loved baking at home with my mum. This seemed to be fun for me, in such a way, I wished these days remained the same but not for too long…


After some time, things started to get horrifying and boring. I was feeling sad to see people dying and suffering at hospitals and it was heart breaking to see how the poor and needy were grieving. As days passed, I started missing my grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts and friends. I wanted to visit everyone, I wanted to go back to school to meet my friends... I wanted everything to be how it used to be…. But how can I help?


If everyone does their bit to help, hopefully, it will slow the virus right down and help to stop it from spreading to lots of people. This will help all our doctors and nurses to cope in hospitals. This will also help to prevent our older people and sick people from being infected… we just have to remember to use good hygiene to help fight the virus.


So, let’s join the superhero team and help to fight the virus and slow it right down! We all have the capacity to be a superhero and save the world! So let’s be brave, stay safe and we shall not fail!


Tanweer Wazeem

Year 3