Creative Hands

Seed art is a visual, mosaic-style art form created by pasting seeds onto a canvas. It’s something we all have done as kids at school when we tried to make collage art using things

found naturally in our environment.

I was fascinated when I saw a Seed art at a restaurant that looked different to anything that I've come across before; I wanted to see if I can do something similar.

Starting was easy as I only needed a canvas and some other supplies I had in my kitchen. I enjoyed the process and it was fun trying different patterns.

After completing the first few designs I realised there’s more to it than just choosing different coloured seeds and pasting them to make a visual. By carefully studying the seed types, sizes, and textures, I was able to make patterns that enhanced the design and create a neater finish.

Soon I was finding new seed types, collecting, and categorising them. I was learning and enjoying the process and my techniques were improving. It’s a time-consuming process and I’ve completed around 30 arts so far. And for me it’s something that relaxes my mind, takes stress off and improves my patience. I very much enjoy the whole process as much as the final outcome.

I’d recommend it to anyone who likes to try it, whether doing it with your kids to pass time or taking up a new hobby to keep yourself occupied when you get free time.

Below are the simple steps to start easy using seeds you can find in your kitchen:

1. Using a pencil and eraser draw a picture of what you want to make on your frame, wood, or

any board you want to use.

2. Begin applying seeds. Apply glue to small areas of your picture( try doing it bit by bit as that

will make your art neat).

3. Now place your chosen seeds one by one, using a toothpick. Place the seeds in the same

direction as that will create a pattern and be more pleasing to look at when you finish.

4. Gradually fill in all areas with seeds. Generally, you want to cover everything with seeds so

there are no spots of bare background.

5. Let the glue dry. When completely dry, you may add a coat of spray acrylic or shellac to add a

shiny finish to it.