Working As One Community

To underscore the significance of working as one community in this country we need to grasp the inner dimensions of the Islamic faith. We have many different groups of Muslims. The Muslim community of this country is made up of different racial, ethnic and linguistic groups. It's made up of different nationalities and religious ideologies.

We have Muslims who belong to Salafi groups; we have Muslims who belong to Deobandi school of thought; we have Muslims who belong to Berlawi School of thought; we have Muslims who belong to Muslim Brotherhood; we have Muslims who belong Jamath-e-Islami and so on. This diversity is an undeniable truth. Historically speaking, such diversity has been present among Muslims since the formative period of Islam.

Whether we like it or not; Muslims have had differing opinions and views from one another since the time of Sahaba. Yet, with all diversities and ideological differences, the Islamic civilization has survived for more than 1400 years and, despite the bitter truth that Muslims have polarized ideologically and as an Ummah, Islam is still the fastest-growing religion in the world.

No other religious Faith grows as Islam does. Of course, the disunity has been harming the healthy development of Muslim communities in the world in many ways and despite all that; why does Islam stand high among all other religions?

Muslim countries have been bombarded heavily for the last three decades and Muslims are branded with many negative names and yet Islam stands high. What is the secret?

The secret lies in the theological cohesiveness and beauty of Islam.

Despite the many differences among us, we must have big hearts to work as one Ummah to save humanity from the grips of man-made destruction and annihilation.

Why do we need to work as one unit of Muslim Ummah?

The answer is simple because the responsibility of speeding the Islamic message lies on the shoulders of 3.5 Million Muslims. Jazakallah

Sheikh Salman Huda