A Friend By Your Side Is A Friend For Life!

A Friend At Heart

What is a friend at heart?

A friend at heart is someone who will keep you on the right path

A friend that will never leave your side

A friend that will act as your guide

Someone who will understand you

Someone who will never judge you

Someone who constantly looks out for you

Someone who always protects you

Someone who forever loves you

Someone who eternally cherishes you

This person picks you up when you fall

And they catch every time you throw the ball

The deep affection they have for you- no one can explain

This individual takes away all of your pain

The devotion they have for you is so vast

And the joy they hold will forever last

No matter how many people see darkness, they still manage to see the light

And they persistently correct your wrong to right

They give hope when life is low

They are like another home to which you can go

Their presence makes you feel stronger

Making you want them around you for longer

These kinds of people fix you when you are broken

And they heal or close your wounds that are open

Without them, we feel as if we are missing a part

And that is why we call them a friend at heart

Sheema Nizam